Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Feed The Beast

  Feed The Beast v1.3.4

Downloand link:


New things:

New maps & modpacks 
Launcher bugs

Feed The Beast v1.3.0

Downlonad link:


Version v1.3.0

New things

* Launcher bug fixes

Feed The Beast v1.2.9

Downlonad link:


Version v1.2.9

New things
* Added new modpacks.

Feed The Beast v1.2.7

Downlonad link:

Bug Fixes:

Version 1.2.7

* Thread safe updates for download dialog.
* Change from using md5 and ^ urls to static urls.
+ Swap to new GeoDNS url.+ Use header md5s as main md5 retreval method.
+ Implement Backup servers incase new md5 method fails.

Feed The Beast v1.2.6

Downloand link:

Bug Fixes

Version v1.2.6

* Fixed adding / removing private packs.

*Fixed infinete ubdate.

I will ubdate it soon ass I will have a free time from school.

Having eny problems add me on skype ansisjanisozo or send me to my email